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East Middleboro 4-H Needs You!

4-H Fairgrounds

Fair season is quickly approaching and we need your help to make it successful. To find out more about the following volunteer opportunities please contact your club leader.

Clean Up Days

Clean Up Days begin at 9 am and usually go into the afternoon. We will be raking, picking up, and moving items from the pole barn.

July 9th

August 6th

Tent Set Up Days

Tent Set Up Days begin at 9 am and go until we are done. All hands are needed for these very busy days. Lunch will be served.

August 20th

August 27th

Opening Ceremony

During the fair we have several voulunteer opportunities for 4-H members as well as adults. Additionally we are always looking for new activities to add, so if you have an idea, please contact the Fair Committee or your club leader.


spinning wool

sheep shearing

goat milking



parking attendant

trash pick up


auction runner

auction attendant

Food Service

fry stand

kitchen staff

breakfast crew

wait staff


East Middleboro 4-H

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